Covertise provides local advertising solutions to small to medium business owners.

We like to work in competitive markets served by local professionals or tradesmen, because most business owners in these fields already understand the value of advertising and tend to have existing advertising budgets that can be slashed with impressive results.

Local business owners who operate in these fields respond well to our “pay for performance” marketing programs and are attracted to our exclusivity clauses where we will only work with one firm per industry, per market.

Your competitors will see your progress and wonder how you are doing it.

Covertise Gets Results

Covertise is not a search engine optimization company.

If the question is “Internet marketing”, then the complete answer is not “we can get your local business on the first page on Google”. While this is important, there are a number of other Internet venues and strategies that you should consider:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Google Places
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • Craigslist and classified ad marketing
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Your lead generation website
  • Your business blog
  • and many more…

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What We Do

Covertise licenses complete Internet marketing systems to our clients. The Covertise solution is designed to encompass everything needed for dominating the local Internet with your products and services. With Covertise, all of the necessary marketing, advertising, promotion and support is included.

Covertise identifies the most popular websites and online locations and establishes you or your business presence on these sites. These sites are where your customers are! If you or your business has a clear and consistent voice on these hubs, then your business opportunities will grow.

Covertise also operates an exclusive network of niche websites which serve as marketing engines for our clients.

With Covertise, your website is not the only way to grow your online visibility and profits.

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When you see our system, you will be blown away with what is possible…

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How We Work

We are very creative in our approach after having owned and managed hundreds of online portals, e-commerce sites and web service providers. Over the years, we have developed networks of online properties, account relationships and teams of specialists to help our local clients develop a comprehensive online marketing strategy.

When you sign up for a Covertise marketing campaign, you are assigned a project manager who coordinates your marketing program and regularly reviews results with you so that you can see what is working and what needs to be improved.

Receive a free marketing analysis for your local business.

Target Market

If you are spending money advertising with Google Adwords but believe that you can do more, perhaps even at a lower customer acquisition cost, then contact us. There is nothing wrong with the velocity of pay per click (PPC) advertising but you must also become knowledgeable about how you or your business can establish a presence on the high traffic websites so that you can lower your marketing budget or even expand your marketing strategy to other high velocity, low investment programs.

The same is true if you are advertising using direct mail or the yellow pages.

Unfortunately we can not work with every business that contacts us, because the services that we perform are very labor intensive and not a good fit if your business does not meet certain criteria. However contact us anyway we will discuss your marketing opportunities. If we can not provide services to you, we may be able to suggest other resources that may be of tremendous benefit to you.

Receive a free marketing analysis for your local business.