Direct Response Website Automation

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For a local business website to make the most money, the local business website must be designed as a direct response website.

This does not mean that websites loaded with content do not make money. But for a local business owner trying to make money on the Internet, the direct response website is the key to profitability.

What is a direct response website?

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A direct response website is a website which is designed to stimulate a particular response from the existing and prospective customers.

A direct response website focuses on selling products and services thereby causing an immediate response.

The response may take the form of a purchase or a new business lead.

How it Works

When a current or prospective customer visits a direct response website, he or she typically takes one of the following actions:

  1. Buy your product or service
  2. Complete your lead generation form
  3. Leave

Benefits of a Direct Response Website Automation

The beauty of a direct response website is in the simplicity of presentation and its ease of use. In just a few clicks or a few seconds, the desired action can be completed.

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The purpose of a direct response website is quite simple.

To trigger some type of action and/or customer engagement…

A direct response website simply takes orders or collects customer information.

The customer reviews your company’s product or service information and then immediately decides to buy, supply contact information or leave.

Simple, to the point and strictly business.

When the prospect visits the direct response website for your business, the visitor will in no way be confused about what he or she must do. The next steps are well thought out and driving them to take the preferred course of action.

Not quite in your face, but prominent marketing messages that get to the point quickly…

Direct Response Websites Compared

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A normal website which requires more than two or three clicks to reach the order page or contact form cannot compete with a well designed direct response website when it comes to making sales or generating hot business leads.

Keeping in mind that website traffic is the key to pulling this off successfully, local business owners should take note:

“Direct response websites are a necessary add-on for local Internet marketing campaigns.”

— Colin Mack, Program Manager

Direct response websites are best delivered in addition to, or in lieu of, your local business website i.e. brand.

So direct response websites are ideal for local business owners with or without a website.

Direct response websites are a separate beast all together and should be assessed separately from your other online branding efforts.

Covertise specializes in direct response website automation…
We must make one thing clear. We do not accept website design projects. There are many talented website designers in your local area and it is our policy to partner, not compete with them. Covertise specializes in marketing and can be an extension of your marketing muscle. For pretty “brochure” websites, Covertise can recommend a website designer if you do not already have one. If you are already working with a website designer and are happy with your results, then please put us in touch with them as we will work with them to implement the key online marketing programs for your local business i.e. websites that make increase your ROI.

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