List Management

Create profitable customer relationships for your business

Covertise creates professional e-mail signup forms for your landing pages. Do not have a website? No problem, we will host your signup forms and help you to attract subscribers to your e-mail mailing lists.

With an autoresponder, you can automate everything. From sign-up to even mailings. We can both write and set-up your e-mail campaigns that trigger based on certain events that you define.

We will make it easy for your local business to build an e-mail list of existing and prospective customers. With our help, you can finally stay in touch with your subscribers.

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Track Your Current and Prospective Customers

With Covertise, e-mail list management services, you will have campaign performance analytics at your finger tips.

  • Find out who opened your e-mails
  • Know which hyper-links were clicked from within your e-mail campaigns
  • Calculate exactly how much revenue each e-mail generated
  • Figure out how many subscribers opted out of your list

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Start Collecting Subscribers Today

You can have a sign-up form for your local business in minutes.

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