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This is not your grandmother’s Yellow Pages.

yellow pages

If your local business has a Yellow Pages ad, have you determined your return on investment?

Have you concluded yet that there are other advertising channels that have a higher velocity?

What we mean here is no big surprise.

Many other venues provide more customers at a lower customer acquisition cost than the Yellow Pages. And the beauty of these new media channels are that they are 100% transparent and trackable.

Yellow Pages ads are not inherently trackable in paper form. And everyday, the Yellow Pages lose relevancy as less people read them.

Tracking the online marketing campaigns for your local business is key.

All Covertise marketing programs are setup with built in tracking through web analytics.

It is all automated.

As a Covertise client, we will collaborate with you to determine the origin from where all of your new business is generated. We will arm you with information that can be used to increase funding to successful campaigns and reduce or eliminate funding to under performing campaigns.

Web Analytics allows for campaign review which leads to optimized marketing campaigns.

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