Business Writing Services

Press Release Writing Services

If you have a business or organization that needs some press or notable mentions on the Internet, on radio or in print, then you should contact Covertise for press release writing services.

Covertise promotes your store opening, corporate charity event, book or other news about your amazing business.

Think again if you believe that your local business does not have anything worth garnering the attention of the press. We know that somewhere within your local business there is something amazing happening that the press would love to report.

Our press releases will attract the attention that your local business deserves.

When we write your press release, we will also distribute your release to the following:

  • 30,000+ journalists/bloggers
  • 250,000+ news subscribers

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Local Business Article Writing Services

Covertise will create custom articles for your local business that will:

  • generate targeted traffic through creative use of keywords
  • encourage people to visit your site and share your articles with friends
  • coin you as an expert on your topic
  • build credibility for your local business
  • increase your page rank
  • and so much more!

Each article will:

  • contain 400+ words
  • be written by an AMERICAN writer
  • be written according to your keywords or topics
  • be verified to be unique
  • be grammatically correct

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Business Blog Writing Services

We all know the importance of a blog for your local business.

If you do not have a blog for your business, it is guaranteed that your competitors will have a blog for theirs.

Blogs serve as a communication tool and as a great way to get amazing backlinks to your site.

A blog is a great tool if you are trying to increase your rankings for specific keywords.

Each post can include a completely new keyword focus, which means your blog turns into a virtual keyword tool.

We will help you get your blog up and running. If needed, we will help match the design of your blog with your website. We will help you cross promote your blog with your existing social networking accounts.

Just a few of the blogging systems we currently support:

  • Blogger
  • Blogspot
  • WordPress
  • Tumblr

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HubPages – Promote Your Local Business

Hubpages is known for ranking high on search engines.

You might have noticed that many keywords pulling page rank 1 out of the search results on the top listings are actually HubPages.

Tip: Use HubPages to promote your local business

HubPages is highly effective in pulling major page rank and usually rank highly with SERPs.

With the Covertise business writing service, your business will receive relevant backlinks to power your local business website. We not only create a custom hubpages mini-site for your local business, but we also take care of hubpages promotion to provide your local business with maximum exposure.

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Squidoo Lens – Promote Your Local Business

Squidoo is a popular way to generate traffic to your local business or even to market your products and services.

Covertise builds custom Squidoo lenses for your local business. Squidoo lenses are 1500 words in length and are embedded with images, links and other items to maximize the visual appeal and effectiveness of your Squidoo lens.

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E-Books and Ghost Writing

At Covertise, we understand that many local business owners have e-book and book ideas floating around in notes, audio or just in there heads. The ideas may be simple, educational or genius, but without the ability to put your thoughts and ideas into written words, no one will ever be able to read them, study them or refer to them in print.

Covertise is your ghostwriting partner!

We will talk with you, scour through your notes, read your emails, listen to your audio and spend the time you need in order to get your book or e-book written.

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Website Copy Writing Services

Quality website copy is crucial to your online success.

Not only should it engage your web visitors to do business with you, but it should also be favorable to search engines looking for meaningful content.

Without interested visitors, or good engine rankings, your local business website is like a billboard in the desert.

The Internet continues to grow at a phenomenal rate.

Thousands of websites are published to the Internet everyday, but only a select few will ever see the light of actual website visitors.

Many of these websites are local businesses offering valuable products and services, yet they dwindle to page 394 on the search engines results. As a result, potential clients never knew they are available to serve them.

How can we help you prevent this unfortunate situation?

Covertise professionals develop informative and well structured content that will both engage your readers and feed the search engines with valuable content.

We do this by researching your market and target audience. And then we create content that is unique to your local business.

We will provide your local business website with dynamic, attention grabbing content and use our local business marketing methods to increase your website traffic, business leads and potential sales.

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