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Seven Reasons Why Your Local Business Needs a Mobile Version of the Website

Seven Reasons Mobile Version of Website

  1. First Mover Advantage ~ In all honesty, being able “show off” your cool new mobile website to your family friends and business associates is just plain fun. Mobile websites are so new to local business owners that you could very well be the first in your market with a mobile-friendly website. Being first could allow you to monopolize the growing list of customers and prospects using the mobile web to connect with your local business.
  2. Low Cost, High ROI ~ After deploying a mobile version of their website, many local business owners report a 12 to 15% spike in new business within the first month after launch. A professionally designed mobile website does not have to cost a lot of money. Today local business owners can have a mobile website designed for less than ever.
  3. Currently, there are over four (4) mobile phones for every one (1) desktop or laptop computer in the world… The growth of mobile devices is exploding and your past, present and future customers are using mobile devices to find local business like yours on the web!
  4. Right now, more than 60% of consumers have access to the Internet from their mobile phone. Nowadays you can not even buy a mobile phone without Internet browsing capabilities.
  5. Internet traffic from mobile devices increased 110% last year in North America alone (globally, the number was a whopping 148%)
  6. Studies show that having a mobile-friendly website boosts overall website traffic by over 10%
  7. 61% of mobile users will NEVER return to your website using their computer or mobile phone if they have been left with a bad first impression as they attempted to browse your website i.e. difficult to navigate or find the information they needed quickly. This is especially true if your local business website is not optimized for mobile devices.

What Does a Mobile Website Look Like?

The look and feel of mobile websites vary according to which mobile device you are using.

But an approximation can be useful.

For example, which of these two versions of Wikipedia would hold your interest when viewed from your mobile device?

wikipedia desktop
wikipedia mobile

The image on the left depicts how most websites look on a mobile device. You can still use the website, just not very well.

The image on the right depicts a mobile optimized website. You can actually read the text and easily navigate the website!

  • Which would you rather have for your local business?
  • Which version do you think your current and future customers would like to use?

Mobile Website Examples for Local Business

mobile website examples local business

Mobile friendly websites connecting more customers to your local business

mobile websites for local business customer connections

Covertise provides your local business with a mobile-ready website that could very well pay for itself in the first year of operation due to increased leads that can be generated.

Do yourself a favor and take out your smartphone right now!

Visit your local business website from your mobile phone. If you are not satisfied with what you see, then make the decision to contact us today.

We will take care of all the details and you can have a mobile version of your local website in less than 48 hours…

Do Customers Actually Use Smart Phones to Find Local Businesses?

Yes, of course.

customer using mobile phone to find local businesses

Quite soon, you will not be able to purchase any other type of cell phone other than one Internet enabled.

All cell phones sold are going to be smart phones!

Is your website for your local business mobile ready?

What is SMS Marketing?

what is sms marketing

Consumers take their mobile phones with them everywhere.

  • They may leave home
  • They may leave the office
  • But they always have their phone with them

Many consumers even go to sleep with their mobile phone at their bedside!

Advertising campaigns to opt-in lists of mobile phone subscribers is the most personal and effective method of direct marketing.

SMS marketing represents the perfect opportunity for local business owners to effectively connect with their customers and prospects.

Examples of SMS Marketing Campaign Messages

sms marketing text message coupons

Local businesses leverage SMS marketing to:

  • Provide value to their customers in the form of mobile coupons
  • Capture contact the information of prospects
  • Stay ahead of the competition

SMS Marketing – Eight Benefits of Text Message Campaigns

sms marketing benefits

  1. It is GREEN. No more wasting paper. Every day consumers toss countless inserts and post cards that are never read. Not only does text message marketing reduce waste, your message is also stored on the recipient’s phone. By transitioning to SMS mobile marketing, you will be saving a tree while actually helping your company.
  2. Text messaging can help to breathe new life into your existing print advertising and/or direct mail campaigns. By simply placing your KEYWORD in your existing ads (TV, radio, newspaper, magazines, direct mail and billboards) you add a level of interactivity that will be sure to attract new customers and capture market share.
  3. Cost-effective. A properly designed and executed SMS Marketing campaign can generate response rates of up to 20%. Text messaging has been estimated to be 10 times more effective than newspaper advertising and 5 times more effective than direct mail. With SMS marketing, each customer contact costs 12 cents and your message is welcomed. With print media and direct mail, ads are not targeted and difficult to track as to effectiveness.
  4. Enables you to effectively target both new and existing customers. Your new customers opt-in easily and existing customers will always embrace the opportunity to receive more personalized treatment. As a result, customer loyalty is increased through a variety of specials, coupons and other offers which improves the bottom line for your local business.
  5. Guarantees that your marketing messages are always welcome. Your SMS marketing campaign is permission-based (i.e. opt-in), so your text message alerts are sent only to those who have requested them. According to industry studies, over 80% of cell phone users are willing to receive opt-in text messages. This greatly increases your campaign’s Return on Investment (ROI) and provides the foundation for a successful campaign.
  6. Allows the transmission of time-sensitive information. Schedule future delivery of your text message campaigns at a precise time. If you own a restaurant, you may want to reach your customers just before lunch hour or promote daily specials particularly on slow days of the week. If you own a bar or nightclub, you may want to package your campaign as a reminder of your venue and/or specials.
  7. Opens a new marketing channel for reaching local consumers. With SMS Marketing by Covertise, you reach groups of local consumers who are interested in knowing about your services and products instantly.
  8. Enables truly personalized communication with local consumers. You market to customers on a one-to-one basis, giving them the timely, relevant content that they want the most.

Three Ways to Get Started with SMS Marketing

sms marketing get started

SMS Marketing campaigns typically leverage one of three methods:

  1. SMS Short Codes
  2. E-mail Accounts
  3. Dedicated Telephone Line for SMS Marketing

SMS Short Codes

The incumbent method for conducting SMS marketing campaigns involves the use of SMS short codes.

SMS Short codes are 5 or 6 digit numbers that have been assigned by all the mobile operators in a given country for the use of branding campaigns and other consumer services.

Some local business have complained that SMS short codes are not affordable because the costs of the SMS short code, ranging from a low of $1000 to over $1500 per month.

To reduce costs, some local businesses opt to share a SMS short codes. However the problem with sharing SMS short codes with other local businesses is the availability of the most popular and memorable keywords like “FREE”, “LUNCH”, “SPECIAL”, “DINNER”, “COUPON” etc. When there is sharing, the best keywords are snapped up quickly.

If your local business can afford a dedicated SMS short code, then in addition to the nonavailability of prime keywords to use for your SMS marketing campaigns, you will have to wait weeks for your SMS short code to be available to you for marketing.

The approval time for new short code applications is lengthy.

Every mobile operator in the area needs to approve every short code application before they will agree to provision your short code. And the delays can be weeks and some mobile operators may never approve your application. So subscribers under their network will never be able to subscribe to your SMS list or receive your SMS coupons or alerts.

Mobile operators will also closely monitor the use of the service.

If your local business is sharing short codes, then one unethical marketer who abuses the system can get the entire SMS shortcode disabled. Bye-bye deposits and profits for local business owners who were using the same short code as this joker.

SMS over E-mail

SMS to an e-mail list is not viable in terms of reliability and delivery rates.

Dedicated Telephone Line for SMS Marketing

Because of the costs of dedicated SMS short codes and the potential risks of shared SMS short codes, Covertise has developed mobile technology that leverages commonly available dedicated telephone numbers for SMS marketing campaigns.

With the Covertise SMS marketing solution, you receive the following:

  • Dedicated Telephone Number – The Covertise number assigned to you is for your exclusive use in the marketing campaigns we conduct for your local business.
  • Unlimited Keywords – You will not have to share your top keywords with competitors. If you want the “PIZZA” keyword for your local business, it is yours. Literally any keyword that you can imagine, you can use.
  • TEXT to Subscribe or CALL to Subscribe – Your customers or prospects can send a text message to subscribe to your list. Or they can call your dedicated telephone number to subscribe. All they have to do is call the 7 digit number with or without the area code (as required) and they are automatically subscribed. They do not have to push any buttons on the keypad or anything else. They call and are subscribed in one, easy step. Figure out how to do that with a short code!
  • Fast and Easy Setup – Contact Covertise and we can have you up and running is less than 24 hours.

SMS Marketing Demo

demo sms marketing text messaging

QR Codes – What is a QR Code and How Do QR Codes Work?

QR codes or “Quick Response” codes are a specific matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and smart phones with the appropriate hardware and software.

QR Codes consist of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded can be text, a website URL or other data.

Here are some common uses of QR codes:

  • Calendar Event
  • Contact Information
  • Email Address
  • Geo Location
  • Phone Number
  • SMS
  • Text
  • URL

To read a QR code from a smart phone, the smart phone must a have a camera and have previously installed a barcode reading application.

Here are smartphone families that can be configured to read QR codes:

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • Windows Mobile device

Here is the 2D-barcode (or “QR Code”) that contains the web address for the mobile version of the Covertise website:

QR Code - scan to visit our mobile site

If your mobile device is barcode reader enabled, simply capture the image of the barcode above with your smartphone to launch the mobile version of the Covertise website.

Free QR Code Reader for Your Smartphone

If you have a qualifying smarthphone, but do not have a barcode reader, you can download barcode reading software and install one of the following compatible apps:

Free QR Code Generator for Your Local Business

Create a FREE QR Code image for use in your local business.

You can use QR codes on your

  • business cards
  • merchandise labels
  • print advertising
  • yellow pages advertising
  • or even on dinner plates for your restaurant

The possibilities are virtually endless.

Contact Covertise for even more creative ideas for how to use QR codes…

qr code business cards qr code merchandise labels qr code print ads qr code yellow pages ads qr code restaurant dinner plates

Download QR Codes Free

Access the free QR Code Generator.

download free

The QR Code Generator is an online tool where you can submit your local business details to a web form and the tool will automatically encode a free QR code for your local business.

Check out the QR Code Generator now