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Is Facebook worth it? Film execs confide they may cut movie ads

Written by Local Marketing on January 8th, 2013. Posted in News

Some movie executives are increasingly skeptical that Facebook ads and promotional campaigns that ask users to 'like' a movie can deliver big box-office returns. Hollywood's friendship with Facebook is showing signs of strain.

Why Email Marketing Shouldn't be an Ugly Stepchild

Written by Local Marketing on October 12th, 2012. Posted in News

Email is an essential element in any modern small business marketing strategy. Once operationalized, small business owners will find that launching social, local, SEO and other campaigns will also get a boost by blasting it out to the list.?

Zoho Launches Zoho Campaigns Application

Written by Local Marketing on August 14th, 2012. Posted in News

Integrates email, social media marketing capabilities with CRM.

Campaigns apply tech tools to ground game

Written by Local Marketing on June 21st, 2012. Posted in News

FAIRFAX, Va. The red and blue T-shirts that Mitt Romney campaign volunteers wear in Virginia feature a digital code that voters can zap with their smart phones to learn more about the Republican presidential hopeful.

Small Business Driving Growth With Online Platforms

Written by Local Marketing on March 24th, 2012. Posted in News

A new Citibank survey has verified that online and social media platforms are becoming a key driver to marketing success. Over 70% of small businesses report using online campaigns through their company website to grow their customer-base. Around 60% have

Facebook Starts An Advertising Award

Written by Local Marketing on December 23rd, 2011. Posted in News

Facebook has launched an advertising awards show, the ” Facebook Studio Award .” The award will recognize campaigns on Facebook that “make full use of Facebook marketing products,” according to the Studio web site.

Election 2012 campaigns are all over Facebook

Written by Local Marketing on December 17th, 2011. Posted in News

WASHINGTON — As more presidential candidates ask us to “like” them on Facebook, some campaign consultants argue that targeted Facebook political advertising will change the coming year’s races, from the presidential race to local elections.

Solving 3 Marketing Problems with One Online Tool

Written by Local Marketing on November 11th, 2011. Posted in News

For $19 a month, a business owner runs all of her campaigns with Schedulicity, which allows her to send out e-mail blasts, Facebook posts and tweets for each new promotion.

Smx Social Media Marketing Rates Increase Saturday Register Now!

Written by Local Marketing on November 10th, 2011. Posted in News

Created your Google+ corporate page? Clients asking for theirs? What are the best practices? Will +pages impact AdWords campaigns?

Stumbleupon Adds Interest Optimization? To Paid Discovery

Written by Local Marketing on October 21st, 2011. Posted in News

Paid Discovery campaigns on StumbleUpon will be getting smarter as of today. StumbleUpon has announced the addition of something called interest optimization? that will help advertisers reach relevant audiences.