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New Video Training Course On Google+

Written by Local Marketing on September 22nd, 2012. Posted in News

Google+ is a social networking platform that is becoming more vital for online business marketing.

For businesses, it's ad-vantage point on social platform

Written by Local Marketing on June 11th, 2012. Posted in News

Pranshu Diwan, who runs Travel Another India, a tourism outfit, found that his company could tap a wider set of travellers looking for offbeat destinations on the largest social networking platform Facebook.

Automate Twitter Marketing with Tweet Attacks

Written by Local Marketing on March 31st, 2011. Posted in News

More and more, people are starting to realize that Twitter is not only useful as a social networking platform, but it is also a very powerful marketing tool. The trou ble is that it can be difficult to wrap your head around just how to use Twitter effectively in this manner. (6 hours ago)

Mark Anastasi Introduces FBAutoCash the FREE Traffic System for Marketing on Facebook

Written by Local Marketing on March 20th, 2011. Posted in News

Wilmington – Facebook has got more than half a billion individuals who actively utilize it. The numbers of genuine markets present on the social networking platform increases day by day. (6 hours ago)