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Complimentary Website Analysis and Ranking Report

Written by Local Marketing on December 12th, 2011. Posted in Uncategorized

search engine pie

Get your website ranked top on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Do you want to know why your competitors are showing up at the top of the major search engines?

Do you want your business to rank on top?

To increase the number of visitors to your website, it is crucial that you have a top search engine position.

If you are like most local business owners, you will spend countless months or years trying to get highly ranked, but with little success.

Our Internet Marketing experts will run a website ranking report at no cost showing you exactly where
your website stands in all the major search engines and how we can increase your ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

What our SEO services can do for your business:

  • Get top ranking for your most important keywords
  • Increase targeted traffic
  • Guaranteed return on investment (ROI)

We have the the knowledge, skills and a proven track record. We consistently deliver results.

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Mobile Friendly Websites – Connect with Local Customers

Written by Local Marketing on August 16th, 2011. Posted in Uncategorized

Mobile Friendly Websites

mobile websites for local business customer connections

Many local business owners have not yet found the easy way to get mobile friendly websites for their local business.

The time is now for local business owners to get started as more and more customers and prospects use smart phones to connect with a local business.

Some forward thinking local business owners are launching wildly successful mobile marketing campaigns.

What is surprising is that many of these campaigns are uncontested by local competitors who are only marketing through:

  • direct mail
  • yellow pages advertisements
  • pay-per-click ads

Mobile marketing is so easy with the right local partner!

There really is no excuse for not having a mobile friendly website.

It is just good business…

Why Use Mobile Friendly Websites to Connect with Local Customers?

  • Better User Experience
  • Top Search Engine Rankings
  • Target Marketing/Demographics

If local business customers and prospects browse a standard local business website from a mobile device, it is likely to be a very slow loading experience. And standard local business websites are not eye catching or appealing through small screens on mobile devices.

On the contrary, a mobile friendly website contains less graphics and is designed to load much faster than a standard website.

Mobile websites are ranked higher in mobile search engine listings.

Affluent and tech savvy users are very likely to be heavy mobile phone users and they typically spend the most for products and services offered by local businesses.

Mobile friendly websites provide this desirable demographic the ability to shop online through the website of a local company.

This shopping experience happens at any time and in any location.

Connecting with local customers through their smart phones can dramatically boost the bottom line for most local businesses.

Mobile Friendly Websites Designed for Your Local Business

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If you do not need to read more about mobile friendly websites connecting more customers to your local business and you actually “get it”, then do not delay…

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